These 5 animes are the ones that likely flew under your radar when looking for anime. The genres and artstyle may all differ, but i think you will enjoy these hidden gems for their unique storys and interesting plot. Enjoy!

5. Kino No Tabi (kino’s journey) 


  • 13 episodes
  • Genre: Slice of life/Fantasy  

Kino no tabi is the story of Kino (obviously) who is  accompanied by her (yeah she’s a girl) talking motorcycle Hermes, travels around a strange world filled with many interesting countries and each with its unique customs and people. She travels through many towns but only stays for three days, saying that three days is enough time to learn about everything important about the place.

This is a very relaxing slice of life anime with an interesting protagonist and a somewhat peaceful vibe to it. It has a few action/fighting scenes which still fit the theme and was a nice addition to the story.



  •  11 episodes
  • Genre: Slice of life 

You can probably tell what this anime is going to be about from the title, this anime is about Ryu sasakura, a genius bartender who uses his skills to soothe troubled customers that wander into his bar.

This will be a hit or miss for the people watching, some people will enjoy it, others not so much. Personally I really enjoyed this anime for the fact that it tackled the problems that people face in their everyday lives. The scenes where he makes the drinks were pretty awesome too (It even gives you the recipes at the end!).

3.Spice and Wolf


  • 13 episodes
  • Genre: Slice of life/Fantasy

Yes yes I know, 3 slices of life in a row, but just bear with me. This anime is set in the middle ages and follows Kraft Lawrence, a 25 year-old traveling merchant. He goes from town to town selling various products and goods. One night while stopping at the town of Pasloe, he finds a girl with wolf ears and a tail named Holo sleeping in his wagon. She explains that she is the goddess of harvest and that she longs to go back to her homeland. Together they travel from one place to another while facing many difficulties.

Spice and wolf has the interesting setting of being in the middle ages, which you don’t really see in many animes. It’s also very heart warming to see the relationship between Lawrence and Holo build up as they travel.



  • 26 episodes
  • Genre: Space/Western

Wow, bet you haven’t heard Space western all that much, and if that’s true you’re in for a treat. The story is about Vash the Stampede, the outlaw on the planet Gunsmoke, with a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head. The bounty is put on his head after he destroyed the city of july, but he can’t remember what happened due to amnesia. Despite the rumors surrounding him, he is a peaceful person and ends fights with the bounty hunters that come after him with non lethal force. He is also accompanied by Meryl and Milly, employees from a insurance company to keep him from doing anymore damage.

Trigun was very enjoyable for the light hearted humor and likeable characters, but also for being able to make the serious scenes impressionable and adding to the wonderful story.

1.Cowboy Bebop


  • 26 episodes
  • Genre: Space

This masterpiece is if Lupin the third and Cobra made a beautiful space themed baby. This anime is probably one of the more well known anime on this list, following Spike Spiegel and his partner Jet Black. They are bounty hunters (Or cowboys), hunting down criminals for the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP). While hunting down criminals, they are joined by new crew mates, and often encounter many problems. Many of these incidents leads to them confronting events from their past.

Cowboy bebop is one of the best space animes out there, great character personalities, a deep story but with some great humor, and very fluid fighting animations! Although the artwork may be a little old, it is definitely worth watching.


That was 5 animes that you may have missed, I hope you will enjoy watching these fantastic anime!