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About the blog

Anime village is where i will be posting the reviews of the anime i have seen, top 10 lists, and other subjects regarding my interests.   

About myself

I’m just a regular guy who enjoys watching anime and playing video games. I would be what you would call a otaku. I live in japan and really enjoy the otaku culture here.

I don’t really have a schedule on when i post, so if i’m not passed out on my desk i will try to post as much content as possible.


Most of the images used on this blog do not belong to me, but to their respective owners. If said owner wants an image to be removed, please contact the author so that he can remove it.

The reviews and lists posted on this blog are the authors own opinion, so you do not have to agree with it. Every single person has an opinion of their own and can express it however they want to, but you must be respectful to the opinion of others.